Our Experts

“EXPERT RESEARCH” is strictly “invitation-only” expert network.
We have more than 200,000 experts all around the world including the first class experts in various industry.
There are 2 types of experts in our network.


Business Experts

Management / Strategy / Business development / Technology / Manufacturing/ Logistics/ Oversea planning etc.

For those who want to have interview with experts who have hands-on experience and knowledge in each respective field.


Academic / Government Experts

Industrial analysts / Researchers / Physicians / Government OBOGs

For those who want to have interview with experts who are specialist in respective field and able to see and tell some insights from a higher perspective.

We feature "Premium Expert"

We feature "Premium Expert" who are leading authority on each respective industry and business. EXPERT RESEARCH has various range of experts in the cutting edge field, such as AI, IoT, Environmental energy etc. Don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more about it.

Are you interested to become a expert to support our clients' business? Please contact us.

※ Mimir recruits, interviews, registers and vets each expert on their knowledge and expertise prior to accepting them in our network.